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About us

Community Educational Research Centre

About us

Europe building cannot happen without education. Education has been regarded as a primary focus in all countries and much effort has gone into providing access to education for all. All European States have set a goal of 100% education through the universalization of school education, and their higher education systems have evolved over a period of time with qualitative and quantitative expansion to provide access to education for all.

With the current changes in youth population and in education policies, there are several challenges that Europe must face to make education systems and youth policies more suitable to the context and needs of the European society. This envisages a felt need for the establishment of research organizations carrying out quality research that can provide evidence-based insights enabling informed policy decisions.

In this context, CERC – Community Educational Research Centre was established in 2022 to support and to work within the European education system, in a more formal way with schools, universities and public bodies and in a non-formal way with associations, sports clubs and other groups. CERC is engaged in many activities and projects in the social domain, and in the domain of youth policies keeping education as a focal point.

CERC is actively engaged in various research pursuits and projects in the area of education, social sciences, culture and youth policies. The Centre has strived to draw the attention of stakeholders, including State and Central Governments, on vital issues of education through a series of European level seminars and publications. It aims to become a catalytic force influencing policy makers and to be a top think tank in Slovenia and in Europe.

Our Team

Tilen Randelovic (Slovenia)


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Leon Corduff (Ireland)

Network Coordinator

He is the Network coordinator at CERC and is responsible for international relations. He has collaborated in developing and organising EU co funded projects, particularly in the framework of ERASMUS+. He is devoted to HEPA and to promoting sport integration in the community for a healthier lifestyle of all citizens.

He also works as a teacher of English and consultant for SME and workplaces and has taught in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years and is specialized in the teaching of Business English to senior management.

 An energetic team leader who is able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, to work collaboratively to resolve problems, and to motivate team members to achieve personal and organizational objectives. Enjoys the organizational challenges of new projects both in the professional field and in the field of voluntary work

Raniero Chelli (Italy)

Head of Project

Raniero has been active in the area of European Projects since 1985. He has always been involved in EU projects and programmes as project manager and evaluator for the Commission. 

Since the year 2002 he has been cooperating with UNIMED, the Association of Mediterranean Universities with over 160 members around the Mediterranean Basin and the middle East, where he has mainly worked in the areas of education and training with a particular focus on social inclusion.

Raffaella Lioce (Italy)

Head of Project

She is the senior executive in charge of project development and management at CERC with over 25 years’ experience in the design and development of EU co-funded projects.

She is adjunct professor at the University of IUAV (architecture and design) of Venice, where she teaches innovation management and economic evaluation of plans. She is fellow researcher at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice and professor at the Venice International University Master in europroject design. She has also taught at the university of Ferrara, the University of Padua and the University of Trieste.

As an architect, she has carried out research in the fields of culture, Landscape, Environment, Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Food system and Sustainable development. She has designed libraries, sport clubs, schools, walking and cycling paths, court houses, hostels, and developed environmental assessment studies.

Danka Stojanovic (Montenegro)

Communication and External Relations

Experienced in communication, online marketing, social media manager and research dissemination, she has long term experience in EU co funded projects communication and knowledge seminar organizations. Worked mainly for the Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, as well as for CENTRAL EUROPE Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network.

She made experience in OCSE as Task leader for media monitoring (radio) in Montenegrin Parliament, and as editor in chief of the web site for the independent Radio Antena M in Montenegro.

Communication is not just about saying ideas clearly. How we say things and what we mean can vary from person to person because using language is something we learn from society. Our way of speaking and listening is heavily influenced by our cultural experiences.

Sean Cooke (Ireland)​

Affiliated Expert

Sean Cooke is the CEO of the Men’s Development Network in Ireland, a transformative organisation engaging men and boys on their health & wellbeing, gender equality and ending gender-based violence.  He holds a master’s degree in community development where his main focus of research was on the role of the creative arts in disadvantage communities and the role of local institutions in bridging the gap by creating structural relationships in these communities. He has worked as a frontline youth worker and as a senior manager in the sector and would view access to the creative arts for young people especially as a fundamental right.  Over the years he has facilitated and animated a number of creative projects and festivals with local communities such as the Otherworld Festival, In your Element St Patricks Festival, Ballymun Arts Festival and the Towers of Cloth public art project.

Hannah Gauntlett (UK)

Affiliated Expert

Hannah Gauntlett is an artist and photographer. Her work is based on the theme of the rapidly transforming urban landscape in terms of architecture, technology, politics, and social change. She has a BA (Hons) Degree in History of Art and Architecture and Museum Studies. She is also a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. She considers herself to be a creative thinker and educator, who thrives in environments where she can put her energy into projects related to art, culture, and languages to benefit people from different age groups and social backgrounds. Her attention to details and problem solving are qualities she has developed by working on various projects simultaneously. She can adapt easily to new situations and enjoy challenges. Her hard work and determination can be seen through the results she has achieved as a teacher, business founder and practicing artist.

Efkan Eren (Turkey)

Affiliated Expert

Efkan Eren is a former pro athlete, an entrepreneur and a business person based in Istanbul, Turkey, and has established three companies in the fields of sport, media and tech industries. He has a long-standing experience in managing international projects on behalf of companies, universities and public organizations, and in managing partnerships for participation in European projects.