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CERC - Community Educational Research Center

CERC (Community Educational Research Centre) is a pan-European research organisation founded in 2022 and based in Slovenia with an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It aims to become a major think tank in Slovenia and Europe in order to influence policymakers by carrying out various activities and projects in education, social sciences, youth policies, culture, tourism, sport, urban sustainable development and the environment.

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Thematic areas

Capacity building

CERC aims to prioritise capacity building for individuals, institutions, systems, and society in the field of education and social services.


CERC is actively engaged in various research pursuits and projects in education, social sciences, culture, and youth policies. CERC aims to raise awareness among stakeholders and influence policy makers to become a top think tank in Slovenia and Europe.
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Policy Advocacy

As a committed Research Organization, we advocate for education and health policies to promote an informed, healthy and strong democratic society.

CERC - committed to building a better Europe

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